When her daughter’s away, Amber plays

When her daughter's away, Amber plays

“When I 1st met my husband, I went down on him in a bathroom in a hotel room. The door was wide open, and two hotty’s were sleeping in the same room and could have traipsed in and observed us,” Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old wife and Mommy, told when we asked her to name her top carnal experiences. “He too fingered me and made me cum whilst driving 90 miles per 60 minutes on Highway 5. And my first time shooting for 40SomethingMag, I was so nervous but could not believe how much I loved it.”

And here, Amber Dawn does her second shoot…with her daughter’s fiance.

Her daughter, Jamie, has just left for school and said Mother that her fiance is still sleeping. So Amber Dawn tip-toes down to his bedroom and sees her daughter’s fellow lying in couch, fast asleep, tenting morning wood.

“No wonder my daughter’s marrying him,” this babe thinks. “His dick is so big. And it is so rigid. I cant make almost certainly of she did not take care of that in advance of this babe left for school. I wonder how this wang would feel in my face hole and my snatch. Hmm…I might as well.”

This babe takes out his dick. She sucks his schlong. This is the fantasy, right? The wake-up oral fun?

But from your girlfriend’s Mommy?

And then that chap wakes up, startled.

“Whoa! What are u doing?”

“What does it look adore I’m doing?” Amber Dawn says. “I’m engulfing your ding-dong, and apparently I’m doing it a lot more astounding than Jamie.”

“You’re plan to be my mother-in-law,” that guy protests.

“I’m not your mother-in-law yet,” that babe says, and u know what? She’s right.

Now, this is a helluva way to kick off a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. Maybe now, the petticoat chaser isn’t gonna be as contented as this dude used to be from screwing his fiancee.

But he does have something to look forward to: Maybe engulfing and banging is in the genes. Maybe one day, his girlfriend will shag as admirable as her Mother does.

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