Awakening Up With Cheryl Blossom

Waking Up With Cheryl Blossom

Wakey-wakey, Cheryl Blossom. It is time to get up and prepare for the day. On second thought, Cheryl can spend some more time in bed undressed previous to we pursue her into the baths.

Cheryl chooses a hot outfit to wear. She’s sure to attract loads of attention and receive the best service wherever she goes this day.

“I like to wear things with a neckline although I do not think that in instruct to draw attention to my knockers, I’ve to wear revealing raiment. I guess my bazookas are still growing. I used to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable in public. Now I have confidence to wear what I wanna wear and to take pix and clips in attractive clothing and naked.”

The photographer had no thing but the greatest praise for Cheryl. “She is such a doll! A great glamour model.”

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