Victoria Vale’s bikini bust-out

Victoria Vale's bikini bust-out

I don’t know if Victoria Vale is a genuine MILF by definition (I never asked her), but in my eyes, she’s a MILF. She’s a hot mature blonde with huge tits, and you don’t get any more MILFy than that. Put it this way: When you see a hot, mature woman out in public, you don’t stop to ask her if she has kids before you decide whether she’s a MILF. Your mind instinctively goes, “MILF,” and that’s that.

Victoria used to be a car show model, which is no surprise. She has that classic auto babe body.

“I loved being an auto show model,” Victoria said. “I was able to travel all over the world and meet so many interesting people. I wore beautiful, sexy outfits. The cars were very cool to see and learn about.”

I’m sure the cars got absolutely no attention when Victoria was standing next to them, rack in a tight top or a bikini (like she’s wearing here).

SCORELAND: Victoria, What do you wear during the day when you go out in nice weather?

Victoria: I like tiny tank tops and sexy skirts.

SCORELAND: That’s what I guessed. How do other women react to you in person?

Victoria: Some women get very angry over the size of my breasts. Maybe they wish they had them?

SCORELAND: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Victoria: I have had my bikini top slide off in the pool or when I was getting out of the pool many, many times!

SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on a free night?

Victoria: Have incredibly erotic, hot sex! I’m a homebody at heart and love having a nice meal then curling up to watch a movie. Hot sex comes later.

SCORELAND: Any message for SCORE readers and web members?

Victoria: I just want to send a huge thank you! I love the wonderful comments and feedback I have gotten! I read every single one of them and cannot express my appreciation enough.

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