Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

“Ice cubes and a nice big cock make my nipples stiff. JMac comes to mind,” beautiful, willowy and chesty blonde Victoria Lobov told us. She’d seen his videos in action with other women. This was Victoria’s turn and she was not let down.

“I’m very submissive. I love it when a guy takes the lead. I don’t have a preference for cock size. I love any cock size, big or small. As long as it squirts. I like it when my boobs are covered in cum. It makes my skin so smooth and silky.”

Big boobs made Victoria feel hotter, more passionate, erotic and hornier. She’s currently a 34G.

“It was always my man’s idea. But I always thought it was a good idea as well. I like it too. Sex is much more passionate and intense. I have mirrors in the bedroom and I love watching myself riding my hubby. I love to see my own big boobs bouncing. When he cums I like to spit it out and rub it all over my breasts. I like cum in my mouth or my pussy for different reasons. I like variety. I love it when my man is forceful, but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a guy takes charge and makes my head spin.”

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