Dunky Dancer

Tiny Dancer

“I had not at all heard of your mag until I saw one in my ballet teacher’s office one night after class. This stud was confused at 1st, but I convinced him to let me watch it and I thought, ‘I have worthy legs. I could be in this mag.’ My teacher receive to have thought so, too, cuz this woman chaser kept looking at my legs with blatant longing in his eyes. I convinced him to let me come to his abode one day so that this chab could shoot photos of my legs, but what I indeed wanted was to check out him squirm. It is not that I do not identify him impressive, coz all the gals in his class do. It is just that I adore knowing about his obscene, little foot-fetish secret and teasing him unmercifully. I showed up in this slight skirt and heels and when that ladies man saw my legs naked and nude, I could practically see the outline of his stiffy through his jeans. I played blameless, but I knew I had him in the palm of my hand!”

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