The Look Of Adore

The Look Of Love

Shaye Bennett, a 20-year-old student from Bangor, Maine, wastes no time taking off her clothes–what little there is of them–at the initiate of this clip. Yes, it is a fashionable clothing, but that babe knows we’d rather watch her in nature’s garb. Then this babe bends over. “I know u like my gazoo,” that babe says in advance of teasing, “So, is that penis getting subrigid yet?” You know it’s. “Come over here and let me jack off it for you.” Obviously, if Shaye were in the military, she’d be the one barking out orders. “COCK OUT! STAND AT ATTENTION! WANK IT, CADET!” We like how Shaye strokes this guy’s ramrod through his shorts. We adore how she lubes it up and strokes it from top to bottom, how this babe stares at the subrigid cock so lovingly. “I do love it,” Shaye said us. “To me, the only thing that is more gracious than a subrigid rod is a inflexible rod that’s spurting cum. Preferably on my face.” That can be arranged, Shaye. Now, at ease!

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