The Impossible Dream Cutie Part 1

The Impossible Fantasy Cutie Part 1

Covergirl of this issue of SCORE, Venera has a fresh swimsuit and she’s bonkers to receive out of it…after you get an eyeful. Venera knows she’s special, a natural marvel. Males observe her. Babes view her. “Girls stare at me all the time, and sometimes they make comments that aren’t very precious,” Venera says. Yes, that same old thing. Jealousy. Envy. The usual emotions big-boobed cuties face. But we hope the fine things outweigh the pettiness of some people. “They say, ‘Look at that angel! Observe what she is wearing. Look at her fake love muffins!’ They don’t understand. They can’t make almost certainly of that my marangos can be so large and natural. I think if they had scoops adore mine, they would be wearing the same sort of raiment.” Venera speaks the truth. “Right now I’m single. It is glamorous subrigid to have a hubby who will understand what I do. Not each ladies man will accept his girlfriend shooting in nature’s garb images and traveling around the world and encounter people and so many bucks looking at me. Maybe one day I will prevent glamour modeling and settle down, but not yet. I am having too much fun!” To be continued.

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