The Afterglow

The Afterglow

Your smile looks extra-wide this day. What’s up with that, Lorna? Why are u so glad?

“I’m basking in the afterglow of actually awesome sex. It happened final night and I can’t stop thinking about it. I got fucked so precious and I came so many times.”

What happened last night?

“This boy and I were always just allies. Last night I was at his place and this Lothario kissed me. It got me so lustful. Next thing I know I was riding him on the sofa cumming adore bonkers! I suppose the sex was so wonderful ‘cuz we were friends first and indeed comfortable with every other.”

When you have sex do you always think about it tomorrow?

“If it was truly good, I do. And if it was the first time with a lad I’m actually into then I will definitely dwell on it. I replay each move in my mind over and over anew.”

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