Palatable Legal age teenager

Tasty Teen

Welcome, Andi. What kind of boyz do u love?
“I really adore lads who are different. Any kind of artistic or creative talent is a giant turn-on, likewise. And they need to be smart. No dumb guys!”

Do you have any interesting sex stories to share?
“Well, I had sex with a carnie one time. But it is not what u think! That smooth operator was actually this truly cute, pleasant stud from South Africa. He was working with the carnival to make cash and trip, and this chab was smart, likewise! I flirted with him while awaiting in line for the ferris wheel and gave him my number. This chab called me and we met up after the fair closed.”

Andi, please tell us you screwed him on one of the carnival rides.
“[Laughs] I completely did! First we strided around the empty fairgrounds and it was truly really kewl! Then we sat in one of the cars in the ferris wheel and started making out. I didn’t think the night was plan to end with me fucking him, but I am so glad it did cuz it was a great experience. He was remarkable at eating my pussy. I got on top of him and rode him the complete time, and I got so soaked that it left a stain on his trousers. I apologized for that, but he seemed to think it was marvelous amazing.”

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