Super Nips

Super Nips

Iwia, do u like your areolas? ‘Cause we do!

“They’re okay. I do not truly think about them that much, but sometimes I do want they were smaller. I’ve at no time observed a cutie who has nipples as bigger than standard as I do unless she has biggest bumpers. Gals with smaller wobblers usually have smaller areolas.”

We still think yours are pleasing. And how have u seen other girls’ nipps?

“I would watch them changing in the locker room at my school. My girlfriends and I also change in front of each
other. Beauties are comfortable with each other adore that. I also view porn sometimes, likewise. I started off
looking at it cuz I was just curious to watch what it was adore, and then I realized I liked it a lot and that it turned me on! So I have seen lots of nipples in a lot of different situations.”

You have not at any time sucked on some other girl’s nipples yourself?

“[Laughs] No, I haven’t. Angels are glamourous, but I do not like them love that. I realized that when I kissed one of
my girlfriends once. She was a precious kisser, but I didn’t get lewd the same way I do when I kiss a lad. I’d much rather have a boy suck on my nipples. They are really sensitive, and I like having ’em nibbled on and lightly pinched. But who knows, maybe I just haven’t identified the right goddess to fool around with yet.”

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