Still ass-fucked after all those years.

Still ass-fucked after all these years.

If u watched Raquel Sieb‘s clip interview, you undoubtedly noticed that this babe giggles a lot. But Raquel doesn’t chortle here. That is cuz her throat is often filled with meat-thermometer, and when it’s not, Raquel is also overwhelmed by the jock that is fucking her muff and a-hole to snicker. This babe is savouring herself too much. Raquel, who’s divorced, a Mother of four and a grandmother of 3, has an gorgeous BJ technique. This babe goes down so unfathomable on the guy’s cock that when she comes up for air, that babe sounds like this babe has a cold. U want to have your knob sucked by Raquel. U at least wanna imagine what it would be like. Raquel came for the scene dressed in a sexy brassiere and knickers, stockings and a garter. The smooth operator came for the scene with a nutsac filled with juice and, in the end, empties it on Raquel‘s face. “I do not feel Fifty,” Raquel said. “I feel the same as I did when I was in my Twenty’s.”
Well, 20-year-olds do not bonk adore this babe does. Only 50somethings copulate adore Raquel. It’s great to have her back.

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