Sofia Deluxe: Hot Chica, Big Zeppelins

Sofia Deluxe: Hot Chica, Big Boobs

Sweet-faced Sofia Deluxe brings her style of Colombian heat to XL Angels. Very hot to the touch. After checking out her latest photos or movies, a cool down period is needed.

“I’m actually happy to be here,” said Sofia. There is no question that Sofia can read minds. “I know you love my pantoons. Do you like how I play with my bosoms? I love playing with them.” Whatsoever Sofia does is something to relish.

“I masturbate constantly. I adore to give myself pleasure and I also love to observe pornography. I am not interested in strange fetishes. I like 69 on all fours. Trying different poses satisfies me and I like to use my fingers to rub my clit when I’ve sex.”

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