Smart Blonde

Smart Blonde

Hey, Alexis. How has the new school year been so far?

“It’s been wonderful, but unbending! I just started high-school and I actually wanna do well. I nearly failed senior year ‘coz I was too busy banging around with lads and partying. I was a normal popular cheerleader and I got tons of attention from the boys. Now that I am in high-school I crave to do well and prove to everybody that I am not just some dumb blonde. I can be smart, too!”

So what’s your going to stay on track?

“I’ve been studying and doing all my homework, and it is all nice-looking easy. I am trying not to go on also many dates, and that’s the stiff part! I do think about boyz a lot. So when I feel myself getting distracted I just masturbate and it calms me down. I’m sure it’ll only hold me over for so lengthy. If I can wait it out till winter break I’ll be fine!”

Are u gonna go on a orgy once the semester is over with?

“Yes, and I am absolutely looking forward to it. I’m making sure I receive worthy grades so getting some dong at the end of the semester will be my reward for being on point! During the winter break I am plan to have as much fantastic sex as possible, ‘coz when the spring semester begins I must turn back into a prude. I never used to masturbate but now I don’t have much of a partiality!”

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