Ask Siri How Unfathomable That babe can’t live without It

Ask Siri How Unfathomable This babe likes It

Go ahead and ask. Siri promises to please her SCORE friend’s rock hard cock and she does with unfathomable enthusiasm. Pictures 19 and 33 are great deep face hole shots. After the lick, Siri bounces on weenie love it is a pogo stick. After Siri’s ground her pink coochie on his pole, had her large knockers drilled and fed knob in positions many wives and girlfriends won’t do, this babe catches the detonation straight in her face. It’s really the best man-juice for feminine facial features, far more excellent than what a lab can make.

Siri is a handsome, breasty, brainy swinger from Minnesota. She decided to try porn and she’s become a hit. A massive part of the appeal Siri has is undoubtedly her wholesome, fresh-faced look. At a time when many angels in adult modeling have a sexual appearance and a bitchy, angry attitude, Siri is the whole opposite.

“I’m a large fan of Siri also. She is a wondrous dish who is likewise very intelligent. That babe just exudes sexuality! WOW!” writes Jim. We’re surprised that Doc Johnson hasn’t molded a love doll or a latex wet crack in Siri’s likeness yet.

The voting for Voluptuous Booty of the Year 2012 has ended. Beginner Siri has held up her end. Will that babe win? It’s tight. The voting, that’s. And Siri’s a-hole, too.

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