Shanie Gaviria: SCORE Super-Stunner Sensacional

Shanie Gaviria: SCORE Super-Stunner Sensacional

When we were planning a travel to Colombia for several fresh cuties, including Sofia Santana, we knew we had to watch someone we previously photographed and load up on her some other time. Luckily, Shanie Gaviria was accessible during the dates of our visit.

SCORELAND: So, Shanie, how does a ladies man get on your precious side?

Shanie: Being a gentleman. I like being treated adore a princess.

SCORELAND: Would you’ve sex on a first date?

Shanie: It’s a possibility but I most like to know more about the person.

SCORELAND: Did you watch the scenes you discharged final time in our studio?

Shanie: Yes, they are spectacular.

SCORELAND: Did u see them alone or with anybody?

Shanie: Alone.

SCORELAND: What do you think about ’em?

Shanie: The sensuality I felt at the time of making the scenes was reflected.

SCORELAND: How did you feel overall?

Shanie: Honestly, SCORE really treated me like a princess, a top glamour model, in anything. It was splendid.

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