Roxy copulates her son’s childhood ally

Roxy copulates her son's childhood friend

Roxy Royce‘s partner is away, and she’s ready to play. She is sitting at an outdoor cafe, king-size pantoons stretching a taut top, when she sees a lad checking her out.

“Mrs. Royce?” the chap says.

“Do I know u?” Roxy asks, not recognizing him.

“I’m Donnie. Bobby’s friend.”

“It is so fine to see u!”

Bobby is Roxy’s son. Donnie was Bobby’s finest ally. He used to hang out at Roxy’s house all the time when he was little.

“You look a little bit different, likewise,” that smooth operator says. “You look great.”

“I got my bra buddies bigger in size,” she says. “I saw that u noticed.”

“They look great,” this stud says.

“Would u love to come over?” Roxy says. “Do u wanna come over and just chat?”

Chat? Nearly. Next thing we see, Roxy’s sat on her couch with her mounds out, and before Donnie knows it, his paramount friend’s Mother his sucking his ramrod and tit-fucking his rod and slamming her cookie down on his pecker.

And that’s what happens in 55-year-old Roxy’s first porn scene.

She’s a wife and Mom from Southern California. Her body is awesome. Her sex skills are awesome. She’s a female who likes to keep herself in shape for just this type of thing.

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