Coarse Rider

Rough Rider

Jayda, what do u do for joy?
“I love riding horses. I grew up on a farm and I even had my own horse growing up. It’s such an fantastic feeling to ride one. I am beautiful valuable at it,
too, but I at not time entered any competitions or everything.”

Since you’re admirable at riding horses, does that mean you are fine at riding
weenies, likewise? Do you ever go bareback in either instance?

“If only I had a quarter for each time I was asked that. I like to think that I’m nice-looking precious at riding boyz. Going indeed inflexible acquires me off the finest, and it appears to be to receive the lads off, also! I have no problem being on top for a long time either. My legs are meaty and they don’t get fatigued. And riding horses bareback is scary. With boyz it’s enjoyment, but I wouldn’t do it with just anyone.”

Have you ever let a lad cum inside u in advance of?
“Yes. I’m on birth control so I feel beautiful safe about it. But I merely let a
boyfriend that I have gone out with for a while do that to me. I wouldn’t let a random boy cum inside me. U have to earn that right. It’s indeed private,
so I am picky about who receives to do it to me. But when it happens, I truly like it. If the lad can handle it, I’ll just keep screwing him after he cums in me. It’s smutty, but I really like it.”

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