Erotic Repair

Raunchy Repair

Chloe is an overworked and underpaid executive who spends 14-hours days in the office in mile-high stilettos. Her feet get so fatigued. Who could blame her for taking her shoes off and rubbing her tired tootsies for a while? But all that friction on her soles and between her toes makes her so lewd that when the I.T. ladies man comes in to fix her PC and flaunts some interest in her legs, she lets him have his way with her. This woman chaser slides his meat in-between her arches and slams her for all that babe is worth. And all that pent-up frustration makes Chloe additional horny. That babe asks him to slap his hardness all over her soles ‘cuz the noise excites her. What excites her even more is when that dude splatters his spunk all over her heels and rubs it in. Nothing adore a little bit of cum to relive stress.

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