Rae Day TWO

Rae Day 2

Sarah Rae’s 1st official magazine layout appears in XLGirls magazine #236 (November, ’12). Grab this collector’s item in advance of it sells out. The response at XLGirls.com has been tremendous and Sarah’s just getting warmed up. We’d almost call her a girl-next-door but how many gals who look adore this live next door to you? Not also many by our count! But Sarah does have the girl-next-door personality in each way. She can’t live with out to read, spend a slothful day at home or spend surf-and-sand time at her beloved beach. “I want to tour more, see fresh places and experience different cultures,” Sarah says who has a wanderlust she wishes to satisfy. “I like going out but I truly love having a night in snuggling and watching clips. I love a lad with a worthwhile personality and a sense of humor. And if he has valuable hands, so much the more nice!” He’ll need big hands. There’s lots of inches to cup with Sarah’s 38J fun bags! Sarah’s self-sucking powers are very astounding also. We could view a goddess do that all day!

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