Private Tights Party

Private Hose Party

Cici Pleasant was once a ballerina but now uses her thick and powerful legs to earn her living by giving private dances to bucks who love hose and the feel of mesh-covered feet on their unyielding weenies. “There are plenty of males who have secret foot and hose fetishes,” this babe told us. “It’s a bawdy, intimate secret that they love but have no one to share it with. I assist them live out their dreams and reach that erotic release.” Years of lap dancing have made Cici very flexible, a skill that her gentleman callers have fun. “For some of these fellows, it’s not about sex or even touching me. They just urge to observe me play around in my pantyhose–ripping ’em, stretching in ’em and pulling ’em taut over my feet. Sometimes I do handstands and invite a petticoat chaser to come and smell my feet or cram his nose against my gusset and smell me. Whatever I tell ’em to do, they do. They are very yielding. It’s wonderful to be in charge.” This dunky dancer has lots of hot tricks up her sleeve. If that babe isn’t twisting herself into pretzel-like poses, this babe might be wrestling one of her clients, wrapping her legs around his face and squeezing him tightly. “I have one regular who likes it when I crush him with my hips. I initiate by slapping his face with my soles and pushing my foot into his mouth. Then that stud rubs his face all over my haunches until this chab reaches my twat. Just as this chab tries to spread my lips open and slip his tongue inside me, I crush his face with my hips, not letting him get a smack. That fellow can’t live out of being so close to my pussy and being denied enjoyment.” Does Cici ever let her suitors get a smack of her sweets? “I hardly ever have sex with the males whom I watch. But even I have my limitations. Sometimes they take up with the tongue my feet so well that I receive turned on and slip their pricks into my cookie. When that happens, I will wipe my cunt with my tights and leave them behind as a token of my appreciation.”

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