Gorgeous In Pink

Pretty In Pink

Welcome back to PornLoser.com, home of the only charmer in the world who can have a fashionable, juvenile woman say to him, “I’m a nympho,”and not ask for details. The nympho in question is Kelsey Michaels, a 5’3″ 105-pound brunette from Nashville, Tennessee. In what ways is she a nympho? What are some of her nympho adventures? If you brush up against her, will her cum-hole start juicing? We do not receive the answers to any of these questions because the Loser doesn’t bother asking them.

There’re many things we can say about Kelsey. She is hawt, slutty, has a fashionable body and can actually suck a wang.

There is one thing we can say about the Loser: That fellow got a new couch. And it is a stunner!

This time, let us focus a little more on the goddess and a little less on the Loser. 1st off, Kelsey is a flattie, and tons of boyz like that. Love we said, that babe is a very wonderful weenie sucker, and that babe does admirable things with her lips during the deep-sucking motion, stuff that cushions the rod shaft during the up and down motion. Seems that at the youthful age of Eighteen, she’s already learned to keep her teeth out of the way, which is smth that’s unbending for chaps to imagine doing (considering that teeth are, in almost all cases, attached to the rest of the throat). That babe groans sweetly while that babe is riding the Loser’s meat-thermometer. Her fuck shoes are a good addition to the package, and the Loser is smart sufficient to have her keep ’em on through the scene. Or maybe this chab didn’t realize that babe was wearing them. Finally, her gazoo looks curvacious and fuckable in all poses.

Some other thing about Kelsey: She seems to be absolutely unaware of the cameras. That’s a priceless thing because in this scene, we truly get the feeling that we’re eavesdropping on 2 people having sex.

Kelsey indeed begins getting into it near the end, and the Loser puts in one of his more valuable performances, even rogering her hard in the piledriver position before shooting his cum. Overall, a wonderful reveal.

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