Chasin’ the Wazoo

Chasin' the Booty

Fun Mia is one of those bootied women that has a great a-hole and a fashionable face. What we typically refer to as a “dime piece” ‘coz u wanna display her off. But you do not receive to tell Enjoyment that she’s wonderful, ‘cuz she knows it. “I have lads tell me that I’m gorgeous all the time, but they are intimidated by my looks, so they keep their distance. I do not urge a demure lad! I urge a woman chaser who can take charge and step to me and win me over. Adore Carlos, here. This stud came with confidence, so I gave him some arse. Take that as a lesson, all u excited dudes out there. If you desire something, you gotta come and get it. Don’t think u can just throw a compliment and that will be sufficient. You need to search me and conquer me. I respond to confidence.” So take heed, gentlemen and pursue the booty. If u do, u will land the ass.