Hoopin’ Honey

Hoopin' Hottie

Piper, what’s up with the hula hoop?
“Oh, it’s just something I do for enjoyment around the abode. You know, when I am not masturbating or thinking about sex. Well, I suppose that is not totally true. I’m always thinking about sex. And one time I did use the hula hoop to masturbate. I was doing a trick where you swing it around one of your legs and I inadvertently bumped my snatch with it and it gave me an idea. I pulled the hoop up to my crotch and fondelled it over my slit until I had an large O. Afterwards my hula hoop was glistening with all my juices.”

What other toys have you used to cum?
“Besides the usual toys and dildos, sometimes I use the showerhead. I’ve used the handle of a hair brush and a cucumber. I’ll basically use everything that is shaped adore a ramrod. I have likewise tickled my clitoris with a feather.”

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