Puffy Hottie

Puffy Babe

Patty’s puffy nips drive us crazy!
Honestly, we never get exhausted of waxing poetic about puffy nipples. And Patty is no exception. Her puffs are two moist morsels atop ideal, diminutive tits. “My teats are always puffy, even when they get hard. I didn’t realize that mine were different or peculiar until a husband of mine commented on how I had ‘puffies.’ At 1st I was self-conscious because I thought they might be weird or smth, but now I love that I’ve this unparalleled feature.”

Puffies look fine from each angle.
It would be a glorious sight to look up at Patty as this babe was riding your ramrod or your face and see her puffies protruding like two soft caps on top of her merry breasts. “My partner likes my teats cuz they are very 3D, perfectly round and so downy. This chab really can’t live without to watch me in positions where this chab can check out my nips whilst this guy shags me.”

Your other features are very priceless also. Especially your slit.
“Thank u. I suppose so likewise, at least from what I have seen of my muff so far. I am looking forward to seeing these images so I can see my love tunnel from a different angle. It will be love how chaps see me before they go down on me or fuck me. When I was posing I made sure to spread actually wide so you can indeed receive a admirable glimpse of my bits. I likewise made sure to shave additional nice so that my bawdy cleft and anus looked as precious and clean as possible for my photoshoot.”

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