Seductive Schoolgirl

Sultry Schoolgirl

Young, pliant and willing to cum!
With her bigger in size than run of the mill eyes, lengthy and wavy hair and full bumpers, Olivia embodies sex appeal. As a Ukrainian studying abroad in the YOU.S., she was almost overwhelmed with the amount of suitors this babe had at the time we discharged her. “In Ukraine, I am just a normal hotty. Here in United States I get asked on dates all the time. I like the attention, but I am a little nervous to date.”

Why are u nervous? You shouldn’t be. You are excellent!
“American culture is foreign to me. I dont know if I will have everything in common with the fellows who ask me out. I have no idea many American movies or musicians. Sometimes they say jokes I don’t understand. The girl who is hosting me tells me not to worry about it, and that I do have smth in common with them-sex! I’ve only been with one man, but I’m open to being with more. Now that I am getting asked out a lot, I’m more lewd than ever. I touch myself each evening thinking about which one of my woman chaser friends would give me the most joy in bed. I don’t desire to keep fantasizing; I wanna investigate for real!”

Has your host given you more advice?
“Well, this babe asked me if I had a bush, and I did not know what that babe meant. Then that babe explained that that babe meant pubic hair! That babe said me I should shave it all off because Americans prefer shaved fur pie. So I did it, but I have no idea if I adore it. I think I’m gonna grow my bush back. To me it is natural, and a gent should still like me as I am. It is interesting to see what my vagina resembles hairless, but I miss having my soft hair down there.”

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