Mature Bitch gal, Fresh Shoes

Older Bitch gal, New Shoes

“In my everyday life, I am quite conservative,” says cougar, Jillian Foxxx. “I suit in very plain clothes and I rarely try to attract attention. But there’re times, when I am all alone, that I wanna receive clothed up in lascivious, provocative handsome clothes and let loose. That’s why I was so horny to receive these recent shoes. They just shriek wild and concupiscent sex. And when I put ’em on, I felt love some other woman…a loose and lascivious shoe bitch. I could not assist but touch my wet crack and make myself cum with them. The way the leather and the straps felt made me wanna cum so unbending that I screamed and groaned like a banshee. And watching myself in the mirror sent me over the edge.”

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