No. 11: Eva Notty

No. 11: Eva Notty

When we began publishing one mag, SCORE, in 1992, the Internet was in its infancy, email service had just begun and downloading one photo took about a day. This day, electronic communication and the speed of life is wild. There’s Twittering, Blogging, Facebooking, Blackberrying, MySpacing,Tumbling, Texting, Podcasting, and other forms of blah-blah-blah.

Which brings us to Miss Eva Notty. No blah-blah-blah about her. Eva is va-va-voom! Eva (pronounced “Ev-aah”) truly did not appear 1st in SCORE. Her first pictorial was as “Suzy” in the August ’04 issue of Wicked Neighbors. Her surname Notty was somehow predestined by this. Five years would pass previous to the southwestern dark brown scorcher would return in 2009 and this time this babe was willing to score and score bigger in size than run of the mill. So much so that her 1st appearances as a SCORE Gal were on the cover of the December ’09 issue and a four-part special at SCORELAND. American beauties have lost their dominance on the world’s big-bust scene in the past decade and Eva has come along at the right time to try to help remedy the situation.

Traditionally, almost any models would commence off doing solos, maybe move up to toys and, if they decided to escalate things, would go for a full-on hardcore scene. Even today, many beauties by no means go beyond the solo stage. Eva followed somewhat of a semi-traditional route. She was massaged by male hands in her 3rd scene and that babe did a Scones & Tugs in her fourth. Love muffins & Tugs is usually for gals who do not crave to go full-sex, adore Janet Jade or Cindy Cupps, but are ready to bow. A boner, that is. Like they say, a bird with a hand is worth two who will not push in the bush. And that is what majority of us thought would be the restriction for Eva, who is one of the almost all laid back angels to ever come into the SCORE building.

Surprise, surprise. Eva accepted an offer to do her first all-in sex scene for the movie Boob Science, a Unconventional Science parody. Her ease at getting her sex on in front of a camera was evident within the first thirty seconds. Then Eva returned over a year later for more boy-girl. And then another year passed and Eva came back for thirds. Eva had unleashed her libidinous internal force and there was no stopping her. Plus she’s got a fetching face and a stacked and slim body made for bikinis. And your votes reflected that, making Eva number 11 on the Twenty for 20 hit parade.

A very tall girl who’s over six feet when that babe slips into her stacked heels, Eva is one of only six American girls to be voted into this 20 for 20 list. The United States of America sadly lagged behind. Canadians are nowhere to be seen. Cuties from other countries beat the Americans by more than 2-1 and solely Christy and Eva are current adult models. It’s a great weight to carry but they have the bra cups to do it. Will this spark a USA revival?

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