Natalia bartends for tips and the complete shaft

Natalia bartends for tips and the entire shaft

Natalia Chambers, a 48-year-old divorcee, returns for her second go-round at, and this time, that babe isn’t as nervous as this babe was the 1st time. Natalia is blonde and handsome. She’s divorced and has six children. She’s held up amazingly, which makes sense since this babe works out four times a week and competes in bathing suit fitness contests. Her hobbies also include playing football in the backyard with her kids and going out stripping. That babe usually leaves her thongs behind.

On weekends, one time the kids are in bed, u can discover her at swingers exotic dancing clubs and parties. That babe loves the one and the other chaps and hotty’s and tries to have sex as often as possible. But she’s not the kind to go out and pick up random people at bars. This babe needs the connection first.

“Even in the swinging world, I love to need to know someone 1st before we’ve sex,” she told. “The more priceless I know somebody, the better the sex tends to be.”

Well, the sex is very worthy in this scene even though Natalie just met the lad. That ladies man is a mixologist. He’s teaching Natalia how to be a bartender.

“Are u sure I’m not also mature for this?” she asks.

“You’re fashionable,” this chab says.

“As far as making drinks, I’m not that great,” she says.

“Just use your marangos,” he suggests.

Use your scones? To make a gulp? No, to shake while you are making a swallow so that u get larger tips.

Natalie might not be great at making drinks but she’s great at engulfing penis and balls and banging.

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