Traffic Jammer

Traffic Jammer

“I don’t like to wear a beneath garment cuz they’re too taut,” says Nancy Navarro of New York. “I cant breathe. In order to make a undergarment truly hold my bra buddies, they need to be really slight around my chest, and that’s just also tight for me.”

“My teats are always unyielding. It doesn’t even matter if I’m turned on or not turned on. They’re always hard. Cold, hot, not hawt, not cold, it doesn’t matter what I am doing.”

“When I walk, I have really had people at the light prevent and look at me. I usually wear dresses. I do not wear ram that’s likewise revealing, but there’s not much I can do to hide my fullsome funbags. They’re about to make a turn, and they just await for me to walk by. Then they make their turn. Sometimes it is laughable what people do just to take a look, but sometimes it can be dangerous.”

“I try not to sit down [on Fresh York City subway trains] ‘coz if I’m sitting down, u get to watch the cleavage. That’s the paramount check out, I imagine. So I’ll be sitting down and I can feel ’em watching and I am adore, ‘Well, have fun, I suppose.'”

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