Mae Montgomery: The 38J-Cup Morning Show

Mae Montgomery: The 38J-Cup Morning Show

Mae Montgomery‘s in town to visit It’s always a pleasure to see her. She wears her tank top well and is ready to bust out of it for some watery fun in the bathroom.

Mae is all about having fun and enjoying herself.

“I am obsessed with water so anytime I get to be on it or in it, I’m there, whether it’s swimming, paddle boarding or floating out on the lake. I also believe music feeds the soul so I try to go to as many shows and concerts as possible. I go to Nashville a lot. I like to drive so I travel around to see my friends or others play shows.

“It’s an incredible feeling being in the front row when it’s you and a big group of people just there as one, feeling nothing but the music, like the bass and drums from the speakers beating in your whole body as the words rush over you, and you can feel love all around.

“I also love to cook and I get that from my mother and being raised in the south. So I’m always mixing up different flavors and experimenting in the kitchen. I love hot stuff, and anything with heat makes me happy. I enjoy puzzles, coloring, and painting. I really like to challenge myself so I’m always researching and trying to learn new things.”

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