Lengthy, Dark Hair and Bigger than run of the mill Ole’ Derriere!

Long, Dark-skinned Hair and Larger than typical Ole' Derriere!

“I’m charming priceless, right? [Shakes butt and laughs.] Well, I am truly from Miami. I am a full-time dancer and I am likewise a bigger than standard basketball fan and I look at the Miami Heat play all the time. I would screw Dwyane Wade in a heartbeat!”

So, u have lots of a-hole and lots of hair, Neecie. What’s up with that?

“Guys love gals with lengthy hair and I love having extra-long hair. Since I’m an hot dancer, I use it to my advantage. I plant my obese butt on a lady-killer when I give a gogo dance and while I vibrate my arse on him, I tell him to pull my hair.”

Now, you know we need to ask you, Neecie. Is there ever sex in the champagne room?

“[Laughs.] Now you know I can’t speak for everyone at the club. Have I had sex in the VIP room? [Laughs and covers face hole.] Oh, ok worthwhile. Yep, I did it. But it was with my woman chaser at the time. I have always dated lads who are turned on by the fact that I am a dancer. Once, my then woman chaser asked me if I would copulate him at the disrobe club. We started off in the VIP room. That skirt chaser fingered me and then this guy discreetly pulled his dong out and I sitting on it and started fucking him right there. Then, we had to avoid abruptly cuz some other dancers came in there with their dudes.”

Oh, that’s not nifty. We hope you gave that stud a pleased ending!
“[Laughs.] Of course I did. But I had to take him to the ladies’ room to make him cum. We ran up in there and he fucked me against the wall actually inflexible. The entire time, the bath attendant was in there watching! It was sexy!”

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