Pleasant Feet

Sweet Feet

Lily has led a colorful life full of trip, adventures and all sorts of kink. This former soccer player left high school and all of her dreams of a sports career behind to become a nanny for a wealthy family in Germany. A move that she told changed her life! “I not at all thought that I’d be a nanny. In fact, I thought that it would be a very boring job. But then I found out that my boss and his wife were swinging married couples and everything changed.” During the day, Lily would be in charge of her employer’s children, but at night, they were in charge of pleasuring her. “It was all business when we were out with the family,” she said. “My boss would yell at me and put me in my place. But at night, this chap and his wife loved to worship me. They opened my eyes to foot love and ped joy. It was very hot.” But it was not until they began to have her coat her feet in sugary treats so they could lave ’em and clean them with their face holes that Lily said this babe knew true fun. “I had not at all had my feet suckled and licked in advance of,” that babe told. “One day my boss brought a bowl of honey-covered fruit into my bedroom and said me to step in it. I did as he instructed and then this chab and his wife sucked on my toes and in betwixt for hours. Their tongues on my toes and the suction…well, it turned me on. I’ve been a foot slut ever since.”

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