Legs To Longing

Legs To Lust

“I spent the day in a friend’s art studio and I don’t know if it was the paint fumes or the idea that he was looking up my petticoat while I was on the ladder, but I started to feel lightheaded and tingly in my twat. I wanted to give him a show. I would not at all done everything like that previous to, but I could tell he was into it. The minute I started playing with my legs, I could see his stiffy in his jeans. I told him this chab could touch it while I showed him my body. The harder this dude jacked off, the wetter I got. We spent the day playing this erotic flaunt until I could not hold out any longer. That buck rogered me on that ladder and came all over the back of my thighs in a creamy, hot splatter. It was the sexiest day I’ve ever spent with somebody.”

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