2 Bucks For Miss Swift

Two Studs For Miss Swift

Krystal Swift not merely has a double date, it qualifies as a tag-team match likewise. Krystal is about to do the naughty with George and Steve. They play for the Prague Hard Cox and welcome Krystal as their team-mate. And what a alluring team-mate that babe is. Hair of gold, fair of skin, larger than standard of meatballs. The flawless playmate. They don’t go anywhere on their double date except the sofa.

Lots of SCORE mail about Krystal has come in since her debut last year. E.D. wanted to say, “I not at any time guessed that babe was a Czech angel. She doesn’t indeed have that look. She resembles this babe could just as easily be a Southern hotty, maybe from Tennessee.”

Krystal could have come from the South Pole for all it matters. That babe is a mind boggling knock-out and she is truly energetic and hawt on screen, especially with a pole. In this scene, two poles.

George and Steve take turns plugging her vagina, feeding her strapon and balls and tit-fucking her. Tons of stamina and self-control is needed to keep up with this 24-year-old honey bunny. That babe sucks like a vacuum cleaner and that babe pumps adore a motor. Fortunately, Krystal’s two screw allies are skillful to keep Krystal occupied and not bust their nuts too in a short time. U watch, that babe has that little effect on guys.

What kind of dates does Krystal actually love to go on? Hockey, ‘coz she’s a hardcore hockey fan? Movie scenes? Dinner? A walk in the dark?

“I wanna be in couch,” Krystal says. That is direct enough.

“Most of the time, I’m assured. I am happy when I get good and lengthy sex with a good lad.” And foreplay? “I do not adore wasting time.”

Miss Swift likewise has a hockey-themed dream. “I desire to give a oral job to all members of a hockey team.” This babe could be referring to her all-time favorite Czech team, HC Oceláři Třinec.

After her double date ends, Krystal looks willing for one more one during the time that her 2 daters look ready to collapse. What a goddess! Welcome back with a a gang bang, Krystal Swift.

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