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Girl Talk

We do not regularly pair up stacked beauties with small-breasted cuties, but we’ve done so a hardly any times for novelty’s sake and for a comparison to unveil how big busted our adult models actually are compared to 90% of the girls you watch each single day at work, at school or wherever. When people point out a big breasted angel to me on the street or at a mall, no matter how sexy she looks or how well her bra-busters look in a taut top, it’s not quite always a gal who wouldn’t make the grade at SCORE.

Missy was a 21-year-old dilettante model when this babe and Kerry Marie met for the 1st time to make this episode and a photo set. I do not believe this babe ever did everything else for any other studio. (Previous to she left, by no means to be heard from again, Missy did a hot boy-girl scene.)

This is part of a series of vids that Kerry did in Miami with a lot of jack talk, toys and sexually excited role-playing. She was a sextoy inspector, a phone sex operator, an astronaut, a waitress, a hardboiled business executive and other carnal fantasy characters. She didn’t lay on a sofa and wordlessly toy her cum-hole for 15 minutes in her movie scenes. She’d get into it and play.

Missy was cute and bubbly. Girlfriend material. I was very impressed by how she bonded with Kerry, by that time a very seasoned glamour model yet without the major ego that can come with fame. To this day, Kerry has not ever lost her girl-next-door, approachable personality and her great obscene throat. Missy brought her own impure throat to the brandish. Jointly, their patter about melons and masturbation is very educational. For a rookie, Missy was very comfortable in front of a digital camera.

The idea here is that the cuties are hosts of their own TV talk unveil, “Girl Talk,” and are about to interview some adult models about the advantages and disadvantages of having bigger in size than run of the mill love melons (they kinda disagree about this topic, naturally), but their guests don’t reveal up. So the girls improvise and come up with their own ideas for providing quality entertainment. It destroys the boring shit I watch on daytime television. This is what the public indeed wants. I would like to see Katie Couric or Kelly Ripa do this on their shows with their bitch gal guests. Adore that will ever happen. At least I’d stay awake.

So, years later, the verdict is still out on those skinny girl/busty cutie team-ups. Renee Ross did a Lesbian sex session in a motel years later with an 18eighteen hotty named Sophia Sutra. Christy Marks posed for a not many anatomical comparison fotos with some other slim teen. Linsey did a scarcely any match-ups over the years.

Although I like this clip, I’m convinced that the archetypical woman chaser wishes to see birds of a feather flocking jointly, no matter how sexy they are.

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