The Doctor’s Rx

The Doctor's Rx

Keeani has a problem. She is got a throbbing sensation leaking from her feet all the way up to the inside of her thighs. It happens when she’s caressing in her lotion. It happens when she is making like with her boyfriend and their feet touch. It even happens sometimes when she is putting on tights! It’s not that it is uncomfortable, just strange. Now it’s gotten to the point that this babe needs talented aid, so this babe is decided to go see the podiatrist.
That ladies man figures out nice-looking quickly that what this babe has isn’t a problem–it’s a gift! Her body is registering every little toe flick, arch rub and heel massage as direct clitoral stimulation. Keeani has chosen a doctor who can not assist himself. This man kisses her legs and kneads her peds, making her squeal in delight. This babe can’t control her lust; she needs his greater than standard schlong to push her over the edge. That babe delightfully kicks and rubs her toes all over his crotch until this woman chaser is rock-hard and willing for her trickling snatch. Of course, whenever this fellow wants to jolt her body with fun all that man has to do is grab a toe and pull.

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