Itty Bitty Bathing dress

Itty Bitty Bikini

Are u ready for spring break, Kasey?
“Totally! I gonna spend the entire time in a swim dress or exposed. My parents will be gone so the abode is all mine to do soever I wish. That is supposed to mean plenty of nude tanning and pool parties!”

Have you ever had sex in their pool?
“No, but I going to! I have always wanted to do it in the water, whether it’s the pool, ocean or shower. I’ve had sex on their ottoman though. I left such a creamy mess all over their sheets that I had to rush to do the washing previous to they got home. I Febrezed the hell out of the room to acquire the smell of sex out and put the sheets back right at the final second.”

You kind of like to do wicked things, huh?
“I’m a little bit of a bad angel with a heart of gold. I just love to relish, and what’s more fun than doing something forbidden? My spring break will be filled with plenty of naughty activities. Luckily screwing in a pool doesn’t require any clean-up!”

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