Jewel is 66. Her granddaughter’s husband is 24.

Jewel is 66. Her granddaughter's boyfriend is Twenty four.

Jewel says the preeminent part about being a captivating lady is “the confidence I feel when entering a room. The glances I get from chaps and honeys.”

Some of those men and women are Jewel’s age, which is 66. Some are a little younger. And some are a lot younger. Rocky, the boy she is screwing in this scene, is a lot younger. That guy is Twenty six. That’s supposed to mean he is juvenile sufficient to be Jewel’s grandson.

Indeed, in this scene, he’s juvenile enough to be Jewel’s granddaughter’s husband. Which is what he’s. This chab is been going out with Jewel’s granddaughter for about a month. Jewel lets him know that she and her granddaughter share younger dudes. That makes this a very favourable day for Rocky.

White-haired Jewel is a wife, Mother and grandmother from North Carolina. That babe is one of the high reaching GILFs ever. She’s chic and sexy. That babe can be excited when the times calls for sluttiness, such as when this babe is giving blow jobs and getting fucked by dudes 40 years her junior.

But at other times…well, let’s say you watch Jewel at a party. How should u approach her?

“Nicely and respectfully,” she said. “‘Yo, doll, wish to hook up?’ will definitely not work.”

No. But u could make believe you’re her granddaughter’s boyfriend.

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