Jenni Noble & Her Little Dark Dress

Jenni Noble & Her Little Dark-skinned Dress

When our studio crew saw some pix of Jenni Noble, they immediately invited her to adult model. Lissa Hope and Dina Sahari inspired the same action.

“Normally, my tits always catch the eye, so I do little to emphasize them,” Jenni said.

“I have gotten tons of attention since I hit puberty. I not at all buy bras off the rack. I now have my measurements and I know how to be measured. If anybody else was struggling, I’d wanna aid them.

“In fact, at one point I thought about working with underware companies to aid babes with those issues cuz there’s such a stigma about it. You don’t wanna be open about it. You are embarrassed and don’t think there’s everything out there that can aid you, and typically the ram that is out there’s more expensive. If it was more obtainable, plenty of breasty chicks would feel more worthwhile about their bodies.”

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