Batty To Cum

Eager To Cum

Jenna, would you say you’re an bigger than run of the mill O addict?
“I’m nice-looking close to it. I adore to cum. I feel bad for cuties who have not at any time had an agonorgasmos previous to. Ever since I 1st started masturbating I have always cum. I’d spend hours in the bath fingering myself and letting water from the bathtub faucet run on my love button. I would have agonorgasmos after agonorgasmos, meanwhile some of my allies didn’t even know where their clits were! Coz I’m such a wonderful friend, sometimes I’d aid ’em find their clits.”

We think we know where this is going. But tell us, anyway. How would you assist your silly, little girlfriends discover their clits?
“I would use my tongue and flick their buttons till they came! They were less intimidated by getting nude with a angel. So I’d widen my wet crack and display ’em my clit. Then I’d widen open their pink flaps and show ’em their adore button. By that point they were ok with me kissing it and tongueing it.”

Would they return the favor or did your girlfriends leave you drooping?

“It depends on the beauty. Sometimes they were also coyness. If that was the case I was worthy just fingering myself whilst I ate them out. I have gotten so nice at masturbating that my finger is almost as admirable as any rod! Any of the beauties I’ve fooled around with could tell you that. But I have been with some gals who were gorgeous inexperienced and then got super perverted once I ate ’em out. These are the ones who would dive right into my love tunnel. That is always joy. I adore teaching them how to take up with the tongue me and make me cum.”

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