I’m About To Erupt

I'm About To Erupt

Are you having fun doing this science experiment, Franziska?
“Not really, but I could think of some other kinds of experiments I’d like to do. Like have a threesome with two guys or go to a swingers’ club to get freaky with a married couple or something. I finally broke up with my boyfriend and things have been crazy since then. I hooked up with two girls like how I told you I wanted to the last time I shot for you. I thought I would just like getting eaten out by a girl, but I found out that I get really turned on from eating pussy, too. So while one girl fucked me with a strap-on I munched on the other one’s twat.”

What else have you done since we saw you last?
“I’ve just fucked a couple of guys. The best time was at this football game for our school. Our team kind of sucks so there weren’t that many people in the bleachers. Well, I sat on this guy’s lap and I felt he had a boner so I started rubbing on it. I had on a skirt and next thing I know he moved my panties over and took his dick out. He started rubbing it on my slit and that’s when he slipped it in. I was sooo wet.”

Nobody even noticed?
“Nah. I was moving really slow and I barely made any noise, except for a little squeak when I was cumming. It felt so good grinding on his dick in public. I dripped all over him and left a wet spot!”

You probably wish someone would’ve seen you fucking.
“I did kind of wish that someone would’ve seen us. I’m an exhibitionist and I get off on knowing that people are looking at me and getting horny. But even though no one saw us it was still exciting ’cause there was a chance that we could’ve gotten in trouble. I think that’s part of the reason I was so turned on and wet. That, and he had a really big dick. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning.”

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