Hosed and Succulent

Hosed and Soaked

“I remember the first time that a lady-killer grabbed my feet in a sexual way. I was painfully bashful when I was younger and that smooth operator was one of my 1st boyfriends and an older smooth operator. I remember that we were at a fancy restaurant and I was wearing a sexy pair of sandals with skimpy, jeweled straps and very pointy heels. This chab just leaned over and told me to put my foot on his pecker. This guy told it so frankly and abruptly that I was caught off guard, but I was instantly turned on. I caressed on his knob until this ladies man came in his trousers. I fondelled my cookie at the same time.”

“That first experience with shoes and feet and sex would open up a entire fresh world to me. After that, I could not get enough leg sex. I have converted every stud I have slept with into a foot petticoat chaser. I can not avoid giving foot jobs, and masturbating with my tights and nylons is a habitual thing for me. I adore to rub my clit with my used socks. I just love the stink that solely obscene socks have. But I’ll admit that screwing myself with stiletto heels is my most-perverted indulgence.”

“Lately, I’ve been wearing my pantyhose a miniature in number times until they are ripe enough that I can smell my bawdy cleft when I open my legs. Then I call my beloved foot smooth operator over and I await for him, spread eagle, right in front of my front door. When this chab arrives, I dictate him to get on all fours and crawl to me. When that dude does, I poke his face into my smelly gusset and hump it until I soak him throughout the fabric. Then I let him rip my pantyhose off and screw me hard!”

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