The Wonders Of Gya

The Wonders Of Gya

We come to praise Gya Roberts and to hang out with her in the ladies room whilst that babe shaves her bush clean and bathes her luscious body.

Gya has raised areola self-sucking to an art form. She can place both areolas in her mouth at the same time, a skill shared solely by a very not many SCORE and Voluptuous Beauties. That babe can self-suck her teat and hold her breast up with suction force alone, hands-free. This babe has a magic mouth.

Gya occasionally drops by the SCORELAND Blog to say greetings to the other visitors. She has a meaty interest in what everyone has to say about her and her modeling.

Gya’s areolas seem to be as much an erogenous zone for her as her clit.

“I like a buck to commence teasing my areolas very sluggishly and then to engulf on them stiff. The build-up is very sensual for me and when this gent finally sucks them rigid, it makes me cum quickly. They are always amazed and surprised when I do it. I think that it is not something very common, cuz majority bucks have not at all viewed that done in advance of. I love having that power over ’em. Engulfing my own fullsome funbags is a specific thing that only I can do for ’em.”

Masturbation is a greater than standard part of her daily activities.

“Being on-camera actually made me explore that side of my sexuality. When I first started, I would masturbate slowly and it felt ok, but little by little, it just got more good and better. I identified myself over time and now I am assertive in my sexuality and with my body. I love to check out myself masturbate and cum. I’ve lots of confidence and trust in myself and now I am gratified of who I am and what I look love. I like to unveil off my curves now. If anybody likes them, that’s great. If they do not like me, then they don’t receive to look at me, but I adore my body and my curves.”

If Gya didn’t like her bod and curves, we would not be enjoying her now.

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