Going for a Ride

Going for a Ride

Sammi, now that you’ve lost your virginity are you totally penis crazed?
“I don’t know if I would say I am pecker crazed, but I’m definitely hornier than I was previous to. And I cant await to shag anew on screen. After Lil’ Shags I got sooo many letters and emails from
bucks. I could not make no doubt of it! It makes me cheerful that they can’t live with out my vids and photos so much. It makes me wanna give them the most awesome show I can.”

Is there a difference from when u fuck on digi camera and when you are in intimate?
“Not indeed. If there is a digi camera on me I don’t try to go extra batty, ’cause to me it looks fake when girls do that. I just do whatsoever it is I feel adore doing, and I kind of forget the camera is even there. I just let myself savour sucking knob and getting my pussy eaten and all that stuff.”

Sammi, what is the most sexually forward thing that you’ve ever done?
“I had this ally from college who moved away, but we always kept in touch through email and chatting online. I would always wanted to screw him, but not at all got the chance. A few weeks agone that ladies man came down to
visit his family, and I offered to pick him up from the airport. As in a short time as this stud got in the car I told him that as soon as we got to my place I was plan to fuck the shit out of him. He was so shocked that he was just like, ‘Uhh…okay.’ As in a short time as we got to my place I did exactly what I told I was gonna. It was so hawt!”

Do you love to make the 1st move?
“I will, but I love most of all the boy to make the first move. I adore aggressive boys. I suppose it is truly hawt when a dude throws a goddess over his shoulder caveman style and tosses her on the daybed.”

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