Fun with Dad’s Friend

Fun with Dad's Friend

“Why did I fuck my dad’s friend? I don’t know. I was bored! I never really thought anything of him when I was younger, but in the last year I started looking at him different. I realized he was kind of cute. Then I started fantasizing about him when I masturbated. It was just a fun thing to think about, but I never thought I’d actually fuck him.

“I was just playing around with him and one thing led to another, and then his cock was in my mouth! I sucked his dick for a good, long time. He’s probably really experienced since he’s older, and I wanted to show him that I’m good at sex stuff even if I am only 18. I was impressed by how long he lasted. The guys I’m with usually only last a few minutes, tops! I came twice with him…and he gave me my first facial.”

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