Screw Pass

Fuck Pass

Hey, Megan! Who is the hottest Lothario at school?
“I know this is intend to sound unusual, but I guess the hottest lad is the custodian. All those other studs just don’t do it for me. But the custodian just has something about him that is so sexy. I always stare at him, and I know he notices it. But this chab looks away ‘cuz this chab probably urges to be professional. But I do not care if this guy urges to be experienced. I wanna be a floozy and suck his wang. So you know what I did? I said my teacher I had a bath emergency and got a hall pass, and I hunted down the custodian.”

You hunted him down? Please explain.
“I knew where that woman chaser would be, and I went after him. When I found him I pulled him into an empty classroom and threw myself at him. This chab was hesitant at 1st but males can merely resist slit for so lengthy.”

So did you’ve to engulf his rod like you wanted?
“I gotta do all that and more. Sucking his weenie alone got me as concupiscent as I would normally acquire if a lad were eating me out truly admirable. I adore giving head, but it doesn’t usually make my muff juicy. But I did acquire juicy when I was mouthing him off because I had been longing his ramrod for so long. I was so aroused. Naturally, the sex was great.”

Tell us more about the sex u had.
“He put his rod inside me indeed slow at 1st, which was astonishing. Then this Lothario would pound me unyielding, then go slow. I loved that. He was so worthwhile at sex that I let him blow his spunk all over my face.”

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