Screw Homework

Fuck Homework

“Fuck this!” Bexa says whilst slamming her laptop shut.

This babe cant focus on her homework, and there is no one around to keep her company.

It’s just Bexa, her amorous vagina and her restless fingers.

That’s supposed to mean it is time for a pussy reveal.

1st, Bexa removes her top and tweaks her areolas over her white bralette. Her mounds are so tiny she doesn’t need the support from an underwire.

Then she pulls down her tartan schoolgirl skirt to expose off her white cotton panties. As big and comfy as they are, Bexa needs her shaved vagina completely stripped for full finger-fucking access.

That babe works two fingers in and rubs her G-spot. But ultimately, Bexa is a clit hotty, and this babe cums hard whilst pressing her button.

If she is this lustful on her own, imagine when this babe has company.

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