New Set of Legs

 Recent Set of Legs

“I just started courting an mature lad ‘coz I wanted to experiment and try new things. I could not do any of that with my last husband coz this ladies man said the things I wanted to do were odd. But I just love to have my feet tickled during sex. I’ve always had sensitive soles and arches, but I not ever knew that they would be sensitive in a carnal way. I just thought I was ticklish. But one night during the time that my ex-husband and I were on his daybed, this lady-killer was playing with my toes and that lady-killer started tickling me. At first I laughed and wiggled around, but then this chab kept doing it and I realized it was turning me on. I told him not to avoid and I played with my slit whilst he watched. I came actually hard that night. Now I want my feet played with all the time. But my ex-hubby wasn’t into it. So, we broke up and I started checking out groups on the Internet for people with foot fetishes. That is where I identified my recent partner. He’s a lot older than me, but that charmer loves to pamper my feet. That gent buys me cute socks and shoes and whenever I ask him to, that buck plays with my feet and sucks my toes. Sometimes I dress up and take filthy fotos for him where I’m naked and playing with my toes. We might even try a foot job pretty soon!”

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