FOR SALE: Slut for Bangin

FOR SALE: Doxy for Bangin

So you are driving along, minding your business, when all of a sudden you watch a bargain buy on the side of the road that u just can’t say no to. It’s one of those “I got to have it!” impulse buys that make you reach for your wallet in advance of u have even thought it through. What is it, you ask? No, it is not a boat. Nope, it’s not your dream car. It’s a golden-haired, bimbolicious, mega-racked hooker who is spilling without her too-tight, too-short purple suit. And guess what? She’s so reasonably priced that you can afford her right then and there, with out even having to go to the ATM. This working beauty is all business and takes u to the hotel ASAP coz this babe can not wait to suck your sac and rod, ladies man. And boy does this trick engulf cock! She is the type of ho that talks with her mouth full, saliva dribbling without her mouth, whilst that babe tries to poke your pecker even further into her mouth. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a valuable convo to us! Carly (her hooker name, of course) is not merely a skeezer, but she’s likewise a pleaser, taking her time to inquire how you would love it like this babe was taking your fast food instruct. “How would you like your oral this day, sir?” This babe gives a vigorous cock-sucking spectacle and then hops on for the ride of her life. With her exuberant fucking, and her scandalous smutty talking, we receive to say that Carly truly does work unbending for the specie. One of the more worthwhile hookers we have come across.

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