It’s A Bikini World

It's A Bathing dress World

Having the flawless big-boobed super & stacked body for a string bathing costume and Daisy Dukes, beautiful Estelle Taylor basically fell into our lap whilst SCORE was in Bucharest to photograph Roxanne Miller and Gya Roberts. The former ballet student turned model and university first-year student has a fawn-like, tender look and was a popular covergirl for the December ’12 issue. Browser reaction ranged from “Stunning. She’s the paramount find of 2012. Her tits are simply consummate!” (by RickyRoo) to a scarcely any of the usual “Where’s the love tunnel?” comments (not unexpected). But there were many more positive comments, letters and emails than anything else. “Estelle Taylor is one of your almost any astounding discoveries in some time,” wrote Steve. “This is the sort of natural mastix I love to watch in SCORE. She has the right proportions, precious fun bags and a great smile. Too, she looks into the digital camera and hides her cunt to give the reader a chance to imagine what is hidden below her crossed hands.” It is been a whilst since SCORELAND featured a shower vid. Like they say, Estelle cleans up well.

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